Thursday, April 29, 2010

Rain Forest Rumble

It is a tradition in the Spectrum (gifted) program at Valley View for the students to write, produce and perform an opera. The kids own it. They decide what it will be about, who the characters are, they paint the scenery, write the lyrics and help decide on the music. It's a long process. This year the opera was called "Rain Forest Rumble". A group of "famous people" are on their way to the "Famous People Convention" in South America when their plane crashes into the rain forest. They come upon creepy crawlers, animals and plants. The groups work together to save the "famous people".

Isaac cast himself as a stick bug in the creepy crawlers group. The program was really fun, but Isaac clearly did not want to have any part of an opera. It was painful for him. In the program, each child was spotlighted and got to talk about themselves. Isaac said, "Isaac loves baseball. He plays eight hours and 30 minutes of baseball every week." That about sums it up right now.

Sunday, April 25, 2010


Senior Prom 2010 was a blast! Craig and I never went to a prom together--this was our first. No, we didn't just crash Jake and Evan's party, we were chaperones and Craig even got me a corsage and rented a tuxedo. He likes mighty fine. Jake had a fun night. His group ate at Oakridge Country Club. They had their own private room all set up for dinner. Jake's date is Maddie Blake. Jake and Maddie have been friends for a long, long time. Maddie's family is moving to California when school gets out, so I'm glad they got to go to a dance together. After the dance, Jake's group went to Alec Green's house and made s'mores on their backyard fire pit. Craig and I weren't invited.

Evan had a big, party group. Being seniors and all, they decided to arrive at prom in style in a long white limousine. After the dance they went to G-Dawg's and watched a movie and played pool.
Evan took Katarine Skedros to the dance. They also went to homecoming together. Thomas's date is named Kelly Carlson. I think both their dresses fit them perfectly. Evan's group ate at Corbin's, a steak house in Layton.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mr. Brave

Probably fitting that the 2010 Mr. Brave pageant took place on April Fool's Day. Lots of foolish stuff going on tonight! Fifteen awesome senior boys were chosen to compete for the title of Mr. Brave. Evan was Mr. Baseball. The evening started with an awesome group dance with a spotlight on each contestant. Not a lot of flexibility in those "high kicks".

Each contestant also performed a talent. Evan's talents translate so much better outside, but he was able to adapt and his minute was called "Jugular Juggling". He was quite a good juggler.
Then, the obligatory random question. Evan's was "What was your best date?" His cousin, Sawyer, escorted him onto the stage.
And then, all these handsome boys waited for the crowning (sure going to miss them next year). Evan wasn't "the" Mr. Brave, but he's "our" Mr. Brave. Besides, it was really just for fun anyway.