Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Caroline Turns 14 (Really?) (Really!)

Sweet Caroline turned 14 today! I can't believe my little blue-eyed girl is so old. I can't believe she will have her learner's permit in a year (maybe she'll fail her test!?). Being the good sport that she is, we waited until 9:00 after the boys returned from football, young men and whatever else they were doing, to celebrate her birthday and have her chocolate mint birthday cake.
A few weeks later, we finally got her celebration dinner in at Chuck-A-Rama. For her birthday she got a new hutch for her desk. It's roomier and more stylish!
Thanks for being an awesome sister and daughter. I'm so glad we have that one little rose in amongst all those thorns!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Brave Watch

Pretty good week for the Brave Parrys.

Isaac's team played a good Cyprus team and his coach is struggling just a bit with these 8 year olds, so they lost be three touchdowns. Isaac (#60) is really good at opening up holes for the little running backs to run the ball through. Here he is with his eyes fixed on the quarterback who is getting ready to get rid of the ball. Sacks are awesome.

Sam (#25) is seen here running the ball right into the endzone for a touchdown. His team won again, beating Taylorsville by three touchdowns, and staying undefeated. This team is a force.

The varsity kids played WX and won their fifth straight game. Bountiful had beat Woods Cross
20 years in a row before this week. Now 21 years in a row, although not without drama. The final score was 14-12. WX scored a touchdown with just a few seconds left in the game making the score 14-12. They decided to go for a two-point conversion for the tie, but the Braves stopped them. Game over. It shouldn't have been that close. It was a nail biter. As you can see, there was a lot of celebrating on our sideline. Evan (#52) is jumping around in there somewhere.

Jake's sophomore team rolled over the WX sophomores, beating them by several touchdowns. Jake (#33) played the whole game at SAM linebacker and did his usual awesome tackling. Afterwards, the kids lined up in the endzone for some team pictures.

Next up for the high school: Viewmont.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Friday Night Lights

I better hurry and update last week's games before the next ones start (Jake's game is in an hour). Love this picture of Bountiful's field. You can see the "B" on the mountain in the distance. Jake and the other officers slept on the field Thursday night and painted the field for Homecoming this weekend.

The varsity team is rolling, still undefeated. This week we beat Tooele 35-6. Evan (#52) played a lot and had a great time. After the game, someone told Craig that he saw Evan "tackle someone right out of their cleats". He's hoping for more this week. Next up: WX!
Jake (#33) and the Bountiful sophomores rolled over the Tooele sophomores 69-0. It was over in the first five minutes. Jake played his usual: awesome. He played less this week because the coaches played the non-starters quite a bit.
Caroline is the glue that holds it all together. She's a great sport, supporting her brothers whenever she can. She and her friends love to get their faces painted at the games with Evan's number and the numbers of their other favorite players.
Sam's team played WX this week. It was a nail biter, Bountiful winning 14-13 with just a few minutes left. Sam (#25) had a great game. When the game was on the line, he perfectly recovered an on-sides kick, but his teammate was off-sides, so it was called back. He played great defense at cornerback, ran the ball a few times and caught a pass.
Isaac's little team beat Taylorsville. Isaac (#60) was blocking kids into next week. He's smart enough to get his hands up to deflect passes if he can't get to the quarterback in time. He also had a sack.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Ha! I bet you thought this entry was going to be all about sports...the number of touchdowns Bountiful teams scored this weekend...the number of interceptions had by the Parrys...the number of kids wiped out by our resident linemen...alas you are wrong.

This entry is all about Isaac's numbers. He had blood drawn at the allergist last week and has asked me almost daily, "have they called about my numbers, have they called about my numbers"?

They called. I wish they hadn't. The numbers were not good this year. The numbers we are referring to are Isaac's RAST scores, which are indicators of anaphylactic allergies. All his nut numbers were the same as before or worse. Peanut is still greater than 100 (you can have an anaphylactic reaction to peanuts if your number is a positive number even as small as 1). So, still strictly avoiding peanuts, almonds, walnuts, pecans, Brazil nuts, hazel nuts, cashews and pistachios.

The shellfish numbers were the ones Isaac was most interested in. He loves shrimp and salmon. His numbers for shrimp, salmon and lobster were between 1-2, which is good for "normal people", but not good for Icky. Dr. Broadbent agreed to do some skin testing at her office for these foods and if Isaac didn't get a hive, we would have what's called a "food challenge" at the hospital. This is where Isaac goes to the hospital and eats a small amount of these foods and we see what happens. It has to be done in the hospital because it is so dangerous for him.

A new allergy this time is chickpea (I love hummus).

Soy was a little better, but still on the "NO" list.

His egg numbers went up 450%. Joy.

Finally, we did an IGE blood test. This is an index for allergies. It's kind of like the Dow Jones index of the stock market. The lab adds all his allergy numbers together and gives you a total. A "normal" person has an IGE around 30. Isaac's is nearly 2,500. Enough said.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Bountiful Football Week #2

Okay, so I'm a bad mother (in so many ways). I forgot to send the camera to Logan for the varsity game, so no pictures of Evan playing football this week. Varsity beat Logan 40-7, our third win in a row. We are now ranked #1 in the state for 4A schools and many expect us to win the state championship. Evan enjoyed playing offense and defense in the second half.

Jake's game was also at Logan. The sophomores managed to score NINE touchdowns and only gave up one. I don't even know what the score was. We just scored and scored and scored. This is a picture of Jake right after intercepting a Logan pass to give the ball back to Bountiful. It was the only turnover of the game for either team and pretty cool! Jake is the captain of the kick-off team. While the kicker is getting ready, Jake is responsible to talk to the other players in the huddle. He said that by the time Bountiful kicked off for the tenth time in the game he was really out of things to say.

Sam's team played Alta (a very good football school with seven teams in Sam's age group--so you know that their "A" team is gonna be good). It was a nail-biter. We scored a TD in the first half, but missed our extra point. Going into the last two minutes, the score was 6-0 for Bountiful. This is a picture of Sam's interception in the second half when Alta was very close to a touchdown. He also rushed for a first down at an important time in the game. Our defense held and we scored a security touchdown in the last two minutes.

Isaac's team is still learning. It's funny to watch those little squirts run around the field. His team lost 12-6 (the only Parry loser this weekend). He decided in the middle of the game that the little running backs weren't getting yards like we needed them to so he asked his coach right then and there if he could play fullback and get us some yards. Since he hasn't practice there much, his coach declined. It was worth a try though.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Are You Ready for Some Football?

First weekend of the football season! Loved it (mostly)!

Isaac (#60) played his first game ever. He had a blast and, as usual, bossed everyone around. He played every single play of the game and even stripped the ball while playing defense, causing a fumble, which was recovered by Bountiful. His team won 6-0.

Sam (#25) played his first game on his newly formed "A" team. He played a mean cornerback, preventing a two-point conversation on a nasty hit. He also played a lot of offense at wing. Sam's Brave team lost, which surprised everyone because they were expected to go undefeated. This week was just a scrimmage though, so they can still win all their regular games.

Jake (#33) played his first sophomore game, which is his first high school game! He played almost every play on both sides of the ball and said it was the most physically demanding three hours of his life. He played tight end on offense and linebacker on defense. He nearly blocked a PAT, but the highlight for mom was when the defense played a play with ten men on the field because Jake forgot to go out. The sophs played a combined sophomore/JV Spanish Fork team and lost in OT.

Evan (#52) is still reeling from his snake bite. It put him behind after missing 11 practices. He played a little bit in the Lone Peak game last week, but not this week. We're hoping he's back in the rotation next week at Logan. The varsity Braves are 2-0 and Evan has been very supportive of his friends. I am proud that he is a good teammate. We cheered Mitch and Ben onto touchdowns and Thomas and Helam were all over the field!