Thursday, September 23, 2010

Experiment: FAILED

Looking for a change, I started an experiment last fall, almost a year ago!  Wow!  I haven't had a haircut since the end of last year.  I wanted to do something different.  Try something new.  Maybe I was just a little bored.  After a year of this, after discovering that I had naturally curly hair (who knew?), after lots of hair in my face and 20-minute hair-dos rather than 5 minute hair-dos, I declared this a failed experiment and I'm back to the real me!  Which is to say short, short, short.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I've had some time to think about this, so it's not a fresh wound, but when I first heard that Evan had been cut from the BYU baseball team, my reaction was Y?  He had an awesome try-out, even hitting the center field fence on the fly in a game situation (that's a heck of a long way).  And when comparing himself to the other candidates, he felt really good about his chances.  But, it was not to be.  When we heard, Craig and I jumped into the car and went down to Provo to take Evan out to dinner.  Upon reflection, I decided it is a real blessing to feel like you did your very best at the try-out.  Then you know it just wasn't a good match.  Evan has told me several times how happy he is in Provo and that he's in the right place.  Also blessings.  With Jake probably running track this year rather than playing baseball, we will lose two players in one year.  A sad time, but how grateful I am for the many hours of entertainment Evan has given me on the baseball diamond.  I wouldn't trade a minute.  And we can go on to enjoy many fun years of cheering on the Yankees together.  I am as proud as I could possibly be. 

Monday, September 6, 2010

Football Is Back

It's a great time of year. It's already cooling off. School is back in session. And it's football season.

Week 1 was up and down for the Parrys. Sam's team played a very tough Bingham team that has only lost three times in three years. We led the entire game, even overcoming some very bad calls, but gave it up in the end and lost by one point. Sam caught a pass that went for about 30 yards and a TD, we think, but the officials called him down on the 1-inch line. Sam plays receiver and cornerback.Isaac's team didn't score this week and also lost to Bingham. Isaac plays center and D-tackle. It's hard to cheer for the line because I never know when they are doing a good job. I aso hate it that he has a big black X on his helmet. I think the weight limits are ridiculously low and protect the little kids way too much. The sophomores played a good Logan team this week, which was their second game. They played Lone Peak last week. Jake was a captain last week against Lone Peak. Jake plays linebacker, but his specialty is the kick-off team. He's almost always the first one down the field and often makes the tackle. This week in the varsity game, the put Jake in on kick-off, he made the tackle, and they announced his name. A very fun moment.