Thursday, November 17, 2011


today i decided that our elementary school needs more problems.  like they need people to really misbehave.  i don't want anyone to get hurt, but if there was a little blood or a little stealing, maybe girls and boys calling each other names on the playground wouldn't seem like such a big deal to the teachers and administrators.  and by names i'm not even talking about swear words.  i'm talking about some pretty basic name calling stuff.  now that i've wasted several hours of my time over the word *ay, helped my child fill out paper work defending himself from his accusors and, in turn, filling out paper work accusing his accusors (because that's part of what you have to do to defend yourself), i'm ready to throw up my arms and walk away.  isaac will definitely be taking the day off from school tomorrow and we'll be gone next week for thanksgiving, so hopefully this will blow over.  now if punishment is handed down for use of this word, heads are prolly gonna roll. 

sam had his end-of-season football party at the budweiser general distrubution.  i think the kids like telling people at school that.  they seemed to have fun together, but when it ended, craig's car wouldn't start.  grrrrrr.  his car is struggling.

sweet caroline did her volunteer time at the hospital tonight.  it's always a bit slow, but she sure gets a lot done.