Thursday, December 29, 2011

bored to tears

isaac's friends must have all left the country because he was literally bored to tears today.  he's still not feeling 100 percent and we didn't really do much today other than putter around the house and run a few errands.  when the older kids left to do baptisms for the dead with craig around 5:00, we decided to see if there was an movie.  so, at 4:52, we decided to try and make the 5:10 showing of we bought a zoo.  we made it before the previews ended, with soda and popcorn in hand.  it was a fun mother-son activity.  the movie was cute.  i don't need to see it again, but it was a good boredom buster today.  sam is off at a friend's cabin tonight.  jake bought like 40 bags of salt today at costco and then went on a date tonight.  he and his friends made hot chocolate and i guess all our spoons were dirty:

caroline went ice skating and then hung out with some cute friends.  she also has a giant hive on her arm from her allergy shot, but no headache to speak of.  craig's working on his big-time church talk for sunday.  he always gives awesome talks.