Saturday, December 10, 2011

continuing our tour of deutschland

this morning we woke up in munchen and walked down to the marienplatz to see the christmas market in the day light.  we went to a few other markets in munich before driving on to regensburg.  at one of the markets we saw st. nicholas:

in regensburg, we walked around their christmas market.  i really liked it and enjoyed seeing it in the day.

we finished up our day in nurmburg, germany.  a jolly christmas market.  my only problem with all the markets was the amount of drinking that went on.  there were many stalls in each market devoted to warm alcoholic drinks.  i could tell the people drinking these hot drinks were warmer than we were, but i was annoyed by the huge crowds around those stalls that impeded progress. 

craig wanted to buy everything he saw.  it's trouble when i'm the voice of reason.  haha.

meanwhile back at the ranch, byu played utah in basketball and isaac and sam were there to cheer the cougars to a win.  our niece, olivia, was baptized and we were sorry to miss that important event.  it was also the high school christmas dance.  it's sounds like a fun time was had by all.