Friday, December 9, 2011


while the kids at home were enjoying the baby sitters, kimberly and patrick, and jake was competing in a debate tournament, craig and i landed in munchen and drove to salzburg, austria.  we got to salzburg just as the christmas market was opening on a friday morning.  salzburg is one of the most beautiful towns in europe.  the market was not crowded first thing in the morning.

 this is a view of salzburg from the front of the castle on the hill
 this is a picture from the back of the castle.  this valley is where the sound of music was filmed.  i think it's beautiful, especially on a cold wintry day.
after a delicious lunch of goulash at one of the oldest restaurants in the world, st. peterskeller, we walked through the old graveyard cut into the side of the rock mountain.  part of the sound of music was filmed here also.

after spending most of the day in salzburg, we drove back to munchen, stopping in a tiny town to see the tiny chapel where silent night was written:
we got into munich early enough to walk down to the marienplatz and see the munchen christmas market at night.  it was crowded, but one of my favorite markets.  we found a delicious german restaurant that was warm and yummy.