Sunday, December 25, 2011

christmas day

christmas morning started beautifully with sacrament meeting.  president eyring spoke to a sold-out crowd.  he always gives such great talks in our ward.  he promised us that we would remember this christmas and our feelings about the saviour.  the meeting went a little over, so when president eyring sat down, isaac and i raced home to get our breakfast casserole out of the oven just in the nick of time.  after jake took sacrament to a ward shut-in, we finally got to our presents.  it was 11:00 before we started unwrapping.  everyone seemed happy enough with their stuff and we had a great time spending the day together.

rome & jete enjoying some new toys and a new food dish
 ick with his lord of the rings pez dispensers and ngata jersey
 sam opening his stocking--he got an awesome range finder
 caroline and liv at grandma's--caroline is opening some fancy indian slippers
jake and sam checking out jake's new ski films

we had a delicious dinner at grandma davis's house with some of our cousins and then we came home to talk to our two missionaries on the phone.  it was so good to hear evan's voice again.  he sounded really good.  we talked for almost an hour and caught him up on all the sports opening.  we also heard about his life in japan.  it was really hard to say good-bye, but we will get to skype with him on mother's day, which is right around the corner?  we also talked with thomas and he is doing great too.  another great christmas!